Treadmill Stress Test


TMT machinewill record the electrical potential of the heart at surface of the body during rest and graded exercise on motor driven treadmill. The work will began in sub-maximal level and will be advanced in stages of 3 minutes.

There results obtained from the test may assist in diagnosing your illness or in evaluating the type of activities you may carry out safely in yourdaily life. This is simple test and takes15-20 minutesto complete. It will not cause any pain. Just relax and follow the instructions of the staff.

Please do not take heavymeal at least two hours before the test. It is better to remove metal things like watch, keys, mobile, beltetc. and handover valuables to the relatives or keepit in the bag provided by our staff.We request to remove all of clothing from the waist up as test requires a bare chest to position the chest leads. Wear a suitable gown or shirt given by our staff.

We request males to have clean shaved your chest to get best of me. Our staff will apply leads to the chest at different positions and attach a belt to waist. Our staff will take your ECG in different positions like lying down, standing and during deep and rapid breathing. Finally you will be asked to stand on tread mill. Once you are comfortable we will start tread mill. Start walking by taking long steps.Following are the stages, speed and elevation during the test.

Stage Speed (km/hour) Elevation( degree)
I 2.7 10 degree
II 4 12 degree
III 5.5 14 degree
IV 6.7 16 degree

If you feeling chest pain, breathless or any other symptoms please inform us, we will stop the test. Do not stop on yourself. Once done, you can clean your chest. TMT reporting will be done by our doctor as per his available time. Please ask for water, tea or coffee if you feel so.


Note: There exits possibility of certain changes occurring during the test. They include abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders of the heart; too rapid or too slow or ineffective heart rhythm or rare instances of heart attack. Every effort will be made to minimise them by a preliminary examination and by vigilant observation during the test. Emergency equipment and trained

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